Segera Terbit: Upcycling Empowerment Managing Waste and Empowering Community

Authors: Deny Willy Junaidy, Mindriany Syafila, Qomarudin Helmy, Yuli Setyo Indartono, Rino Rakhmata Mukti, Mohammad Farid

Series: Rivers Toolbox

Penerbit: ITB Press



The book Upcycling Empowerment Managing Waste and Empowering Community regarding the application of technology in waste management and economic empowerment. This material includes LoT-based waste skimmers, independent residential waste processing, community-based waste management, participatory approaches in domestic waste processing, production of organic fertilizer from waste materials, and encouraging participation through waste banks. In economic empowerment, the application of science and technology is also carried out in line with disaster mitigation, such as intercropping techniques to overcome erosion that optimize the role of village institutions, application of fermented cassava flour, and community-based agroforestry. increasing community capacity in probiotic production, dealing with fisheries waste through aquaponics, and creative products from plastic waste.

It is hoped that the documentation of the application of simple, appropriate technology in overcoming river management challenges in the three books in the “Rivers Toolbox” series will provide inspiration and learning, as well as provide insight and options for applying science and technology in overcoming broader challenges in the field of river management.


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