Segera Terbit: Specialty Chemicals Handbook: Innovative Solutions for Industries

Editors: Sumantri Ishak, Agus Budiyono
Penerbit: ITB Press

ISBN: 978-623-297-338-1
e-ISBN: 978-623-297-339-8 (PDF)

Our country’s vision for a robust and self-reliant industrial landscape isunderpinned by the kind of innovativeapproaches and insights this book offers.

Ign. Warsito, Dirjen IKFT, Kemenperin

Reading this handbook is worth it for theeager beaver. So, this book is unique andcool. A valuable contribution in the form ofa chemical engineering book that is easyto read.

Misri Gozan, Professor of Bioprocess Engineering,Universitas Indonesia


In this comprehensive handbook, we embark on a journey through the intricate world of specialty chemicals and their vital role in transforming industries. With four chapters that delve into various aspects of specialty chemicals, we aim to provide both seasoned professionals and curious minds with a deep understanding of the intricate science and technology behind these chemical innovations.

Specialty Chemical Handbook: Innovative Solutions for Industries” represents a contribution to the understanding of specialty chemicals and their pivotal role across various sectors. We trust that the insights presented within these pages will enhance your understanding and perspective, whether you are a seasoned industry expert seeking deeper knowledge or a curious reader interested in the complexities of specialty chemicals. As you delve into the content of this handbook, we invite you to embrace the wealth of information it offers, and we believe it will empower you to make informed decisions and contribute to the advancement of relevant industries.

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